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Why do certain pages take so long to download?
Because there are over 200 columns in each page of statistics.

How do I navigate the site?
The main menu topics (About Us, Audits, Countries, Help, Home, News, Store, Search) appear at the top and bottom of every page.
The page header (home > help > faqs) shows your position in the hierarchy of the site.

What is WorldAudit?
An online directory of human rights and democracy around the world.

What is the World Democracy Audit?
149 countries with populations greater than 1 million are ranked according to their democratic status.

How do I get involved?
Submit questions/comments to the editor using the mailto link at the bottom of the page. You will receive a personal reply with details of how to join the mailing list.

How do you rank countries?
Read the methodology.

How often are the audits updated?
Every time a new report is published by a contributing agency. The democracy audit changes 3 times a year.

Why is there a store if you are non-profit?
We do not currently receive any financial backing or sponsorship. 
We do not use banner advertising.
This site is maintained by just one full-time member of staff.
E-commerce allows us to cover our overheads.
5% of all sales go to charity.

Who is World Audit for?
World Audit is for students, teachers, politicians, economists, risk-analysts ... anyone who needs to know the human rights record of a particular country or group of countries.

What are the goals of World Audit?
To disseminate information about human rights and democracy.
To track current events that shape the future.
To monitor other non-profit agencies that specialise in particular areas of human rights and democracy.
To provide a directory of internet sources for further reading.
To work with not-profit organisations that have no web-presence, offering them use of our webspace and e-commerce facilities.

How many people visit the site?

Site statistics can be found by clicking here

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