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"The First World Forum on Democracy was held in Warsaw back in June 2000. It was certainly under-reported in the world media so we include a mass of information here, the keynote speeches by George Soros and Madeleine Albright, which are still highly relevant despite the passage of time. Go to World Forum on Democracy, and prepare to give it some time. The second World Forum on Democracy was renamed with a mouthful, the Community of Democracies Nongovernmental Forum and took place in Seoul, Korea on 10-12 November 2002."

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Internet directories



  • freedomhouse Freedom House, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization, is a clear voice for democracy and freedom around the world.  Through a vast array of international programs and publications, Freedom House is working to advance the remarkable worldwide expansion of political and economic freedom.

  • transparency Transparency International the only international non-governmental organization devoted to combating corruption, and brings civil society, business and governments together in a powerful global coalition.

  • amnesty Amnesty International UK

  • hrw Human Rights Watch - defending human rights worldwide.

  • icj International Commission of Jurists - dedicated to the primacy, coherence and implementation of international law and principles that advance human rights.

  • Kidon news lists every country and offers a listing by language
  • NewsCenter An invaluable page of links

  • Newint a magazine covering international issues

  • peacenews Peace News

  • bcsia Book on the art of measuring good governance

  • basicint The British American Security Council is a progressive and independent analysis and advocacy organization which researches and provides a critical examination of global security issues.

  • carnegieendowment The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing cooperation between nations and promoting active international engagement by the United States.

  • ccd21 Council for a community of Democracies to strengthen collaboration among governments and democracy advocates in building an effective worldwide community of democratic nations based on the initiative of the June 2000 Warsaw Community of Democracies Conference.

  • danplesch a programme to fend off both the Bushites and Bin Laden and tackle head on the real problems of WMDs, global warming and corporate domination.

  • derechos a mailing list for the discussion of international human rights and humanitarian law.  Students, professors and practitioners are also invited to join and participate in the discussions.

  • globalwitness Global Witness works in countries devastated by conflict, corruption and human rights abuses.

  • quno Quaker united Nations Offices

  • responsibilitytoprotect Responsibility to Protect populations from genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity is an international commitment by governments to prevent and react to grave crises, wherever they may occur.

  • UN UN Secure World Report

  • globalpolicy Global Policy Forum's mission is to monitor policy making at the United Nations, promote accountability of global decisions, educate and mobilize for global citizen participation, and advocate on vital issues of international peace and justice.

  • seco About Smart (Targeted) sanctions

  • torturecare The Medical Foundation, caring for victims of torture.

  • worldpeacefoundation The World Peace Foundation seeks to advance the cause of peace through study, analysis and the advocacy of wise action.

  • UN Un Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • wfm World Federalist Movement

  • visionforum Independent think tank dedicated to strategic thinking about world problems connected with technology and globalization.

  • aegistrust  Aegis believes that no-one, whoever they are, should face discrimination, even death, as a result of their ethnic origin or beliefs.

  • justice Independent legal human rights organization.

  • riia Chatham House is one of the world's leading organizations for the analysis of international issues.

  • globalactionpw Global Action Plan to Prevent War - a detailed blueprint for peace action.

  • hdr.undp statistics section of the Human Development Report Office website.

  • action-for-un-renewal Action for UN renewal leads the drive to reclaim the UN for us all.

  • hrw Human Rights Watch - defending human rights worldwide.

  • abolishwar Movement for the Abolition of War

  • oneworldtrust One World Trust promotes education and research into the changes required within global organizations in order to achieve the eradication of poverty, injustice and war.

  • oneworld Brings together the latest news and views from over 1,600 organizations promoting human rights awareness and fighting poverty worldwide.

  • oxfordresearchgroup an independent non-governmental organization established in 1982 which seeks to develop effective methods whereby people can bring about positive change on issues of national and international security by non-violent means.

  • globalwitness Global Witness is one of few non-governmental investigative organizations working to expose the link between natural resource exploitation and human rights abuses.

  • saferworld Saferworld is an independent non-governmental organization that works with governments and civil society internationally to research, promote and implement new strategies to increase human security and prevent armed violence.

  • ihf-hr The international Helsinki Federation for Human Rights is a self-governing group of non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations that act to protect human rights throughout Europe, North America and Central Asia.

  • foreignpolicy Foreign Policy's mission is to explain how the world works - in particular, how the process of global integration is reshaping nations, institutions, cultures and more fundamentally our daily lives.

  • guardian The Observer Index of Human Rights, a ranking of governments' human rights records in the 1990s.

  • simpol Simultaneous Policy is to be implemented when all or sufficient nations are ready to do likewise - simultaneously.  Countries can move from a system of competition to co-operation.

  • opendemocracy Open Democracy discussion of world political issues.

  • thememoryhole News items that seem to drop off the agenda...

  • j-n-v Justice Not Vengeance (JNV) is an anti-war group which has developed out of ARROW (Active Resistance to the Roots of War).  JNV opposes the US-UK 'war on terrorism', and campaigns for a peaceful resolution of international conflicts, based on justice and equality.  JNV has adapted the core principles developed by ARROW.

  • CNN Election Watch CNN partner with IFES to produce this resource

  • Freedom Forum Online News about free press, free speech and free spirit

  • Human Rights Watch Does exactly what it says

  • IFEX Communiques

  • UNHCHR United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

  • Reuters

  • UNHCR News - Refugees Daily

  • Jai's News Plus

  • CPJ Press Freedom Online The Committee to Protect Journalists (based in Canada) - a non partisan organization dedicated to global press freedom

  • International Newspapers Online

  • Yahoo! Alerts  set your keywords and choose when and how you want the stories delivered

  • EuropaWorld  humanitarian newspaper that reports on what Europe is doing in the field of international development

  • unwatch United Nations Watch is a non-governmental organization based in Geneva whose mandate is to monitor the performance of the UN by the yardstick of its own charter. LINKS




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