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Democracy Table
Political Rights
Civil Liberties
Press Freedom
Rule of Law
Human Rights

Economic Freedom Table

Countries with fewer than 1 million inhabitants are not audited.

Each country is rated on a scale of 1 to 7 by Freedom House for political rights (P) and civil liberties (C). Countries are assigned to a division (D) within our democracy table thus:

If P and C are both 1 then D=1
If P is 1 and C is 2 then D=2
If P + C is between 3 and 7 then D=3
If P + C is seven or above then D=4

Within each division positions are calculated using an average of press freedom and corruption scores. World Audit corruption scores are calculated using the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). This is the most comprehensive index of perceptions of corruption ever published by the anti-corruption organisation, ranking 180 countries. It is a "poll of polls", drawing upon numerous distinct surveys of expert and general public views of the extent of corruption in many countries around the world.

The World Audit corruption scores (used in the World Democracy Audit) are taken from the CPI data and calculated using the following equation where T is the CPI score:

World Audit corruption score = 100 - 10T

The resulting World Audit corruption scores all lie between 0 and 100 (lower being more favourable).
The purpose of the equation is to facilitate comparison between the CPI score, which lies between 0 and 10 before the use of the equation (a higher score being more favourable), and the Press Freedom score, which lies between 0 and 100 (lower being more favourable).

E.g. Sweden:

Sweden's CPI score = 9.2
... therefore T = 9.2
WA corruption score = 100 - 10T
= 100 - (10 x 9.2)
= 100 - 92
... therefore Sweden's WA corruption score (A) = 8 out of 100 obtain a World Democracy Ranking this is added to the Press Freedom score
Sweden's Press Freedom score (B) = 9 out of 100
(A) + (B) = 17
Average score (A +B)/2 = 9

Comparing the average score with those of all other nations, where lowest is best, Sweden ranks 4th in the World Democracy Audit  



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The methodology for political rights, civil liberties, and press freedom is listed to the right of the data tables on these pages.



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