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Mexican poll will not spell end to human rights abuses, says watchdog
Freer elections in Mexico will not halt widespread human rights abuses across the country, says a watchdog report ahead of polling this weekend.

IMF still 'sapping the poor', says campaign group
After coming under heavy criticism for their alleged role in worsening conditions for the poor, IMF Structural Adjustment Programmes have now been renamed 'Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers' (PSRP). But the change is solely cosmetic, writes Charles Abugre in a new report for the World Development Movement. And that's bad news for the poor - especially as PSRPs are a condition for debt relief.

World Bank-backed mining project endangers Brazilian Indians
One of Brazil's last nomadic hunter-gatherer communities is in danger of being wiped out by a World Bank-backed mining project in the northern Carajás mountains, warns an indigenous rights group. The Brazilian government has failed to protect their lands from invasion by outsiders, says Survival International.

Poverty is a human rights issue, says UN
Poverty is as much a human rights issue as arbitrary arrest, argues this year's UNDP Human Development Report. Yet while the torture of one person causes outrage, the deaths of more than 30,000 children each day from preventable causes like disease and malnutrition go unnoticed.

Mugabe served notice to quit
A number of new ruling ZANU-PF party MPs and provincial governors have said this week they would pressure President Robert Mugabe to relinquish the party's leadership in coming months, a Zimbabawean newspaper has reported. For more, see OneWorld's Zimbabwe Dispatch.

World poverty "a global scandal", says Oxfam
The lives of 1.7 million children will be needlessly lost this year because world governments have failed to reduce poverty levels, according to a new report. "In the last five years there has been a shameful litany of aid budgets being cut, debt rising, trade barriers costing poor countries billions in lost earnings and health and education budgets slashed," says Oxfam.

'Drop the Debt' - web film
As debt campaigners mobilise in advance of next month's G7 summit, OneWorld TV features the highly-acclaimed short film on cancelling Third World debt by Anthony Minghella, Director of the Academy Award-winning The English Patient. 'Drop the Debt - We Don't Want It', filmed partly in Uganda, is also screened on OneWorld TV as part of the Zanzibar International Film Festival.

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