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Trial of banned Iranian newspaper begins
Mostafa Izadi, managing editor of Ava, charged with 'libel, publishing false and insulting articles,' and more.

MEXICO: CPJ notes various press-freedom abuses during election campaign
Posted June 29, 2000   [Read CPJ's protest letter]

PERU: Polish police detain former TV station owner Baruch Ichver at Peru's request
Posted June 29, 2000   [more]

STARTING THE PRESSES IN CAMBODIA:   Twenty years after the killing fields, journalism is showing signs of life. A CPJ Briefing by A. Lin Neumann
Posted June 29, 2000  

VIETNAM: Dissident writer under house arrest for backing democracy
Posted June 29, 2000   [Read CPJ's protest letter]

CÔTE D'IVOIRE: Government announces plan to muzzle the press
Posted June 28, 2000   [more]

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Sarajevo media victimized by ruling party
Posted June 27, 2000   [Read CPJ's protest letter]

DRC: Two BBC journalists arrested near Kinshasa
Posted June 26, 2000   [more]

DRC: Journalist convicted of "insulting the army"
Posted June 26, 2000   [Read CPJ's protest letter]

ANGOLA: Armed men threaten VOA office in Luanda
Posted June 23, 2000   [more]

MEXICO: News anchor attacked by gunmen in Mexico City
Posted June 23, 2000   [more]

YUGOSLAVIA: Journalist shot in Kosovo
Posted June 22, 2000   [more]

KYRGYZSTAN: Reporter jailed for "insulting" judge
Posted June 22, 2000   [Read CPJ's protest letter]

ZIMBABWE: CPJ protests intimidation of journalists covering election
Posted June 21, 2000   [more]  [Read CPJ's protest letter]

ZIMBABWE: Three journalists fined in criminal defamation case
Posted June 20, 2000   [more]

ISRAEL: Killing of BBC driver in south Lebanon either deliberate or reckless, CPJ finds
Watch BBC News video clip
Posted June 19, 2000   [Read CPJ's protest letter]

ARMENIA: Independent journalist interrogated and beaten
Posted June 19, 2000   [Read CPJ's protest letter]

DARKNESS FALLS:   Why Colombia's top investigative journalist fled his country. By Frank Smyth.
[Read it in "Dangerous Assignments"]

CPJ Online (Committee to Protect Journalists)

IFEX Communique

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