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Current sources
The ICJ - The International Commission of Jurists
The CIJL - The Centre for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers

Data available
The extracts from the ICJ report, "Attacks on Justice", are in the form of recent case histories and summaries of relevant developments in the countries listed.  These are available at the ICJ website. support and encourage the ICJ. However, a request for quantative data on judges, lawyers, and judiciaries was turned down by the ICJ as their field of expertise does not lend itself to statistical analysis. Therefore the Rule of Law is a text-only addition to the World Democracy Audit at the moment. Law students and researchers should address their comments and/or advice on reputable data and alternative accurate sources to the

"The International Commission of Jurists is dedicated to the primacy, coherence and implementation of international law and principles that advance human rights.

What distinguishes the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) is its impartial, objective and authoritative legal approach to the protection and promotion of human rights through the rule of law.

The ICJ provides legal expertise at both the international and national levels to ensure that developments in international law adhere to human rights principles and that international standards are implemented at the national level.

The Commission was founded in Berlin in 1952 and its membership is composed of sixty eminent jurists who are representatives of the different legal systems of the world.  Based in Geneva, the International Secretariat is responsible for the realisation of the aims and objectives of the Commission.  In carrying out its work, the International Secretariat benefits from a network of autonomous national sections and affiliated organisations located in all continents."

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